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The “Medication" app is the perfect tool enabling users to completely manage their medication. Schedules, reminders and dosages are visually displayed. Multiple users can be set up on the “ Medication” app to manage daily, weekly and monthly pill dosages.

Schedule your different medication easily using icons or colours on your Mac. Users can register their daily medication and receive reminders as needed. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe knowing their medication needs are organized. Never forget to take your medication again! Remember when to take your pills and manage the dosages correctly. The graphs will show visually how many pills are left to take for the day.

Top Features:
-Add pills with different icons and colors.
-Manage medication stock and add pills when stock is empty.
-Add pill reminders using built-in calendar.
-Check off reminders after consuming the pill.
-Register doctor appointments and get notified beforehand.
-Add multiple users and manage med usage separately for each user.
-Sync med usage data across all your Macs over iCloud.
-Get a detailed over view of the monthly and yearly med usage on an easy graph chart.

Medication is simple to use. It makes sure that you and your loved ones or anyone you care about never misses an important pill of medication again. It makes it stress free if you have so many different medications to take daily. So, download Medication today and never worry about timing and dosages again.


3.7 MB

OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor